After ten months of closing down to help stop the spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19, school in Ghana reopens.

Our work with

AidToGo is created and based in Kpalimé (a 2nd city of TOGO). It is organisation, without distinction of race, religion, ethnicity and social status. AidToGo aims to rekindle the flames of the desire for school education.

Our work with AidToGo Charity for its first donation to the Zogbega School in Kpaleme, Togo.

AOA’s focus is supporting a variety of schools and orphanages in Africa. AOA ships school supplies and travel to Ghana annually to visit primary schools. AOA has also supported schools in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya, Egypt and Jamaica.

Our work with AOA in Ghana.

FiveSix Pictures

A Photography and Film Company. We are passionate about visual storytelling and we strive to create work that inspire social change.

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